At our CNC turning center we produce precision small turned parts using steel, brass, and aluminium, which are ideal and versatile to make hardware for the wood, furniture industry and more.

Among the most requested precision small turned parts, we produce screws for hinges for furniture, doors and windows, knobs for doors and drawers, precision screws, bushes, rivets and slides for cabinets and drawers. We also produce turned small parts for textile machinery.

Our small metal turned parts can be subjected to metal hardening treatments for greater strength, burnishing and chrome plating to give the desired aesthetic appearance.

Every small metal turned part is made quickly and with high precision using highly reliable and technologically advanced CNC machinery.

Pb 36 pin for hardware industry produced by Emme-TI cnc turning in Italy

Material: Pb36
Ø 12 mm
H 160 mm

Pb36 fittings produced in Italy by Emme-TI cnc turning

Material: Pb36
Ø 25 mm
H 106 mm

Inox 316C fittings for hardware industry, Emme-TI cnc turning Italy

Material: Inox 316C
Ø 27 mm
H 109 mm

Pb36 endless screw for hardware industry, CNC turning center Italy

Material: Pb36
Ø 20 mm
H 140 mm

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