Certifications for quality control and environmental management

Ring nut produced in the Emme-TI cnc machining center in Italy.

Emme-TI’s commitment to the environment and to Customer satisfaction is a milestone in its vision.

The continuous improvement of its processing techniques, quality control, raw materials quality, and cnc machining process management is granted in an environmentally friendly way while keeping an eye on customers’, suppliers’ and all interested parties’ needs and expectations.

In this respect, after the certification for quality management, we have reached a new important milestone: the certification for environmental management according to UNI EN ISO 14001. We are also MOCA certified for the machining of turned parts for use in the food industry.

Using technologically innovative cnc machinery and advanced management and production control software, we quickly supply high-quality products, meeting the most complex design specifications.

The software used in Giussano’s cnc turning center guarantee the use of certified quality raw materials. During the year, we periodically verify raw material reliability through external checks in certified laboratories.

We carry out strict controls and tests during the production stages following UNI EN ISO 9001 International quality standards.

Internal dimensional controls carried out in the turnery during production use certified tools including as gauges, threaded rings, millesimal internal and external micrometers, threaded buffers, smooth buffers, profile projectors, durometers and roughness meters. These tools are stored in a controlled temperature environment (20° C) and are periodically checked by certified bodies.

When the product is shipped, we can provide the quality certification with the raw material chemical analysis and the dimensional checks carried out during the production process, at the customer’s request.

Inside our Italian production site, we implement containment and preventive measures to avoid any production-related environmental damage.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, through constant attention to the best production technologies available, to minimize consumption and impact on the environment.

We limit the production of waste, wherever possible, by reusing or recycling materials, with the aim of reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy, in parallel with the utmost attention to product quality and customer requests. The material that cannot be further recycled is sent for disposal, at authorized and selected destination plants.

CNC TURNING: made in Italy quality, expertise and products

We carry out strict controls and testing under UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 European quality standards during all production stages, and always perform at the top of the market. We’re also cerified UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and MOCA.

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