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We create value through our superior quality products and the use of innovative processes.

Emme-TI is a CNC Turning located in Northern Italy.
Emme-TI is a Precision mechanical workshop in Italy.
Emme-TI precision machining center in Italy, external view.

Emme-TI is a cnc turning center oriented to technological innovation to perform precision mechanical machining using the customer’s design.

Founded in 1983, Emme-TI is in the heart of the Monza Brianza province (Northern Italy). It has newly built 6.000 square metre industrial facility, of which 200 square metres are dedicated to offices and reception of customers and suppliers. The remaining 5.800 square metres are used for the precision machining center.

The company had a generational turnover that made it more durable and competitive, and with a higher quality final product using Industry 4.0 innovations. These almost zero-waste innovations speed up automatic turnery production making it more flexible and precise.

Emme-TI focuses on combining machining quality and speed using the latest generation machines and more than 30 years’industry experience.


Guaranteeing the highest level of product quality to the customer. Zero waste production targets from our automatic precision turnery.


The focus on global change creates new opportunities to innovate and become a market leader.


Curiosity, passion and determination drive us to face every daily challenge.

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