Our production facilities based in Northern Italy have been producing cnc machined parts for home appliances and white goods for more than 30 years. This is a competitive market where quality, flexibility, speed, and accuracy are important values when choosing a supplier.

Our knowledge and the use of technologically advanced machinery enable us to quickly carry out machining which guarantees 100% Made in Italy quality and maintains the strictest tolerances.

For the processing of precision metal components and turned parts intended to home appliances, we use stainless steel and lead-free brass, a material that requires the use of specialised machinery due to its processing difficulty.

Brass fitting for home appliances, produced by Emme-ti cnc turning

Material: Brass
Ø 14 mm
H 31,5 mm

Inox pin for home appliances, produced by cnc turning Emme-TI Italy

Material: Inox 304
Ø 14 mm
H 33,5 mm

Inox 303 uniball for home appliances, Emme-ti Italy

Material: Inox 303
Ø 40 mm
H 54,5 mm

Aluminium disk for home appliances, Emme-TI Italy

Material: Aluminium
Ø 13 mm
H 47 mm

Stainless steel 303 ring for home appliances, Emme-TI Italy

Material: Inox 303
Ø 16 mm
H 11 mm

Inox 303 jet for home appliances, Emme-TI Italy

Material: Inox 303
Ø 12,5 mm
H 22 mm

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