Galvanic treatments are aesthetic and functional processes that electrochemically apply a thin layer of metal to modify the object’s (steel or other material) surface to improve its resistance or electrical, mechanical, or aesthetic properties.

More than 30 years’ experience, and consolidated partnerships with selected local companies, enabled us to perform different types of surface treatments, including electrolytic galvanising which makes metals more resistant to corrosion with lower costs than chrome or nickel plating.

All galvanic treatments follow three phases which must be carried out with the utmost care to guarantee an optimal and long-lasting result.

The first phase is the preparation and cleaning of the surface to be treated. This is a delicate phase, as the duration of the required galvanic treatment depends upon it. The preparation must be carried out following specific standards and selecting the most suitable products for the treated individual materials.

The second phase is the electrolytic deposition of the chosen metal coating, i.e. the galvanic treatment. Each treatment is chosen according to the product or material requirements to which it is applied.

The finish is the last galvanic treatment phase, and it is essential because it permanently fixes the process. This must be carried out following international standards to guarantee an optimal finish, without halos, stains, or imperfections.

Among the other treatments available through our precision mechanical turnery, we offer chrome plating, burnishing, hardening, grinding and tumbling.

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