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Emme-TI is now Industry 4.0: an innovative top performer cnc turning center

The technological revolution brings the industry 4.0 in the mechanical turneries

Future can’t wait and we don’t want to be caught unprepared, indeed Emme-ti is taking part to the technological revolution triggered by industry 4.0 in the mechanical workshops and in the engineering world. Wide band, cloud, digital skills (and there is much more) represent now milestones to take advantage of and to manage at our best. 

Innovation and better productivity in production workshops

In our third-party precision mechanical turnery, we are aware of the need of an effective work management in order to increase productivity through the resource optimization and an open mind towards technological innovation. That’s why we have decided to open our company to new technologies and skills, to create dialogue among people, applications, devices, technologies and abilities.

Industry 4.0 means:

  • Digitalizing production systems
  • Interconnecting people and goods
  • Securing our systems
  • Bringing forward problems creating long-term solutions.

What benefits is industry 4.0 bringing?

Also thanks to the industry 4.0 national plan we’ve invested in new technologies what led us to get in touch with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, the opportunities offered by automation and to learn how state-of-the-art production systems can effectively support workers in their tasks.

New technologies won’t replace human workforce, they can facilitate it.

Digital tools, intelligent systems and automation are nowadays essential for a production system. Technology unburden workers of low-level activities that can be carried out by machines. They are provided with softwares that set machines among them and with workers in communication.

For example, the traditional hand drawing on paper sheets is a step that increase the error margin, now it can be carried out by machines instead of workers even in a precise mechanical turnery.

What else can technology do for precision mechanics?

Looking for data and information automatically, for example: it seems a simple task, but it required time, education and experience, if carried out by a worker. On the contrary, this procedure is carried out automatically in a few moments by a machine and the worker can save time focusing on his work and on more complex duties. 

Interconnected machines and instruments help workers detecting measures and integrating tolerances digitally into the software that works safely within the set parameters.

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